Demo version of the tool
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Demo version of the tool
The UXRisk solution can be tested for free. Start by downloading the UWP app from After downloading, a new ‘personal’ Tenant can be created using a personal Microsoft account, or the administrator of the Azure Active Directory (AAD) can create a new ‘enterprise’ Tenant.

Full UXRisk functionality is available in the free trial period (2 months), including support (additional free trial period can be admitted upon request). By default only the Risk Management module is activated. Additional modules (e.g. Quality Management, Accident Management, Improvement Management, Audit Management, Transfer of Experience, Management of Change) can be activated on request. Do not hesitate to contact us for activating additional modules.

If a Tenant is created using a personal Microsoft account, it is recommended to only use UXRisk for testing and demonstration purposes, and not to enter real data.

If creating an ‘enterprise’ Tenant, this Tenant can continue to be the production Tenant after contract has been signed.


Technical assistance and support

Support for all UXRisk customers can be easily reached using the "Chat" function directly from the UWP app, web interface and home page, or by sending an e-mail to Opening hours for support are Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:00 (UTC+1). Within this time period all support requests will be categorized and responded to. Inquiries are handled consecutively (immediately when using chat). Support includes p.t. a total of five individuals. However, there is no limit in the number of individual users being serviced simultaneously.

All types of inquiries may be submitted to our support function. Support function assists with technical support related to the correction of errors in the solution, guidance in the use of the solution and basic professional support. It is assumed that users have received basic introduction to the solution. Additional support, beyond the basic professional support that support covers will normally be forwarded to a consultancy service. Inquiries concerning internal matters in the client's environment (such as basic PC management, network issues, app installation and set-up, not receiving e-mail, access to Microsoft products such as Excel / Power BI), will normally be forwarded to the client's IT support.

All support inquiries will be recorded in Zendesk, which is a cloud solution used to log all inquiries. The client has access to gain an overview and monitor their own inquiries via Zendesk.


Assistance post delivery

Proactima offers as an integrated part of the UXRisk solution, operations, support and further development of the solution. This is included in the license cost.

The UXRisk solution is easily configurable to ensure that each organization's processes can be accomplished easily and understandably. This includes customization of terminology, organizational units, risk matrices etc. Configuration work can be carried out by Proactima, or the client can be taught how to conduct configuration on their own.

UXRisk has an open Rest API. This means that any integration with UXRisk, for exchange of information, can be developed. This applies for both delivering of data as well as for receiving data. Proactima can assist with the execution of this work, in addition to providing consultancy advice to third parties.

In UXRisk there are predefined templates suitable for different types of risk analyses, such as enterprise and project risk analyses. These can be easily configured to the individual organization's process, terminology and organization. The UXRisk solution also offers supplementary modules and templates (e.g. Quality Management, Accident Management, Improvement Management, Audit Management, Transfer of Experience, Management of Change).

Proactima can provide expert assistance in connection with operationalization of processes related to HSE and risk management. This includes consulting, training / education, facilitation etc.

Proactima can also offer assistance related to development of additional functionality within the UXRisk solution based on the client’s needs.