The Modern Risk Management Solution
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  • Available for small to large organisations
  • All users are engaged
  • SaaS Cloud Technology
  • Runs on Windows Azure
  • High degree of security
  • Fast and responsive modern business solution
  • Powerful integration opportunities with existing onsite solutions
  • The user experience makes UXRisk unique
  • Learn through natural adoption
  • Interact with UXRisk through intranet, alerts, e-mail, SMS etc.
  • The user interface for all end users is modern
  • Easy to use, meaning no software training is needed
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The solution lifts risk management software to another level by using modern technology and process thinking to provide a more efficient, complete and engaging solution for risk management.

  • Modern communication of risk
  • Continuously learning solution
  • User is continuously learning
  • Touch first, designed for tablet/mobile
  • Rapid innovation
  • Intuitive use
  • Easy to implement
  • Rapidly scalable
  • Template driven, allowing for different types of users
  • Structured risk management process (aligned with standards e.g. ISO 31000)
  • Flexible solution accommodating a client’s existing work processes
  • Integrates readily with other software
  • Available as part of the existing work processes
  • Encourages 3rd party interaction
  • Global availability

There are a lot of Risk Management solutions out there in the market. Many companies are using "hard to use" solutions or simple solutions like Spreadsheets to manage their risk assessments. This makes it difficult for the whole organisation to involve and engage in the risk management process. The risk picture is often presented periodically and in a static way. People find it challenging to relate to and take ownership for assessments, risks and measures.

UXRisk is an intuitive, professional risk management solution that works across the entire organisation through a comfortable and well designed interface.

The risk specialists should have a day to day relation with risk treatment and therefore need a solution that is intuitive but still full functional from a risk management perspective. UXRisk engages people in the organisation when needed for participating in work shops and take responsibility for risks and measures.

UXRisk allows the management team to monitor a live update of the risk picture at all times, and thus be able to prioritize effort. Simultaneously each manager will be able to drill down to the lowest level he/she would like to have a closer look at.

There are many business processes and software solutions in a company that relate to the risk management process. UXRisk offers seamless integrations with these, which is crucial to obtain an effective day-to-day business process.

Many companies work daily with one or several partners that somehow need to be part of the risk management process. The involvement of partners should be just as easy for the partners, where necessary, as for the companies' employees. At the same time, it is crucial that the partners only are able to access what is needed. All these considerations are safeguarded by UXRisk.

  • Ann

    Ann is responsible for some very advanced technical equipment in her production company. She is sometimes invited to workshops to give detailed advice when it comes to identifying and mitigating risks within her area of experience. Ann does not normally use IT equipment like a PC or laptop, but she has a Smartphone.

    "I am only involved in using UXRisk when I am invited to workshops and when I have to follow up some actions. My experience with UXRisk is actually only through e-mail. Before the workshops I have to fill out a simple form for concerns. When it comes to actions, I only respond to the e-mail notifications I get. It’s a very easy and timesaving software since I can use my Smartphone. I wonder why we are not using UXRisk for even more of the processes we have internally."

  • Linda

    Linda is responsible for managing and reporting the current risk picture for the whole company to the management. Linda has colleagues taking care of the risk management process locally at each of the company's locations. Linda has low IT skills but she has a formal education within HSE & risk management.

    "It was an ex colleague of mine that tipped me about UXRisk. She knew that we were using Excel for keeping track of our risk register. Being very little technical, I was very skeptical on starting to try UXRisk without involving our IT department. Finally I sat down and spent no more than 1 hour on getting started and add my first risk assessment. I was convinced in seconds, this was the right tool for my company. Today the whole company uses UXRisk. If you think risk management is important, have a look at UXRisk."

  • Steve

    Steve is responsible for managing and reporting the current risk picture for his project to his management. Steve has medium knowledge of IT and just some practical background when it comes to risk management processes.

    "I took the initiative to buy UXRisk in my company. I started to use UXRisk as a free trial together with my 5 project participants. After one month we started to pay for it since UXRisk was so easy to use and solved many of our daily challenges. The monthly cost was very low, and I did not have to contact any in the IT department at all. Since UXRisk has very good notification and follow-up functionality, we use it extensively for Action follow-up. UXRisk is just as fun to use as my favorite app on my smartphone."

  • Joe

    Joe is responsible for managing and reporting the current risk picture for the company to the board. Joe used to use some consultants when having to do risk assessment, but now he is using UXRisk. Joe has very low IT skills and only high level understanding of risk management.

    "Seriously, I have never had any concerns when it came to risk management processes within our company. It was my management group that complained saying that the risk management process of our company is not working as it should since we do not have an operating IT tool to use. I was surprised to discover that UXRisk was so much cheaper and modern compared to any of the other software tools. The risk matrixes in UXRisk are professional and to follow-up my actions I only have to use my standard e-mail."